Tommy Lee Explains Why He Posted Nude Pic

Tommy Lee is now revealing the (shady) rationale behind his recent decision to broadcast his dick to the entire world.

It was just a matter of time until Lee publicly addressed the supposed social media "slip up" because we all know how transparent he is.

The drummer for Mötley Crüe was reportedly performing at a concert on August 22 in San Antonio, Texas.

when he admitted to being on a "motherfucking bender" at the time and told the audience this.

In a video of the incident that he shared on his social media pages, Lee claimed. "I got undressed and posted pics of my dick after getting sideways as heck."

However, following his brief intoxication, Lee allegedly felt the need to clarify that he "normally" is a "titty man,

I enjoy seeing titties. But tonight is a night for everyone. The rock star then continued by telling the audience, "Tonight I want to see everyone's dick!"